1 Pekin (Long Island) duck… Any suggestions on how to adjust cooking time for this small bird as it’s 1kg less than the recipe? This was for sure a home run recipe and all my flavor choices played well with each other. I’m a little nervous of it being over cooked but after reading everybody’s comments I think I’ll be ok! At the end I drained off the fat but added the remaining drippings to the sauce. I am planning on making this awesome looking recipe for New Years Eve. I’ve tried a couple different recipes for duck in the past few months so had to try this one, even though it appeared way too simple. Happy Holidays ? 28 ratings 4.6 out of 5 star rating. blood orange, lemon, and/or mandarin, peels removed. The 2nd duck I stuffed with sprig of thyme, then peeled a navel orange, 2 limes and 2 tangerines leaving them whole. This recipe looks amazing, and so simple! A restaurant recipe that requires minimal effort and yields the best results. I tried this technique Sunday, November 4, 2018. Place the duck, breast side down, on top of the onions in the roasting dish. Once it’s tender, raise the heat to 425F and get the skin good and crispy. Do you cover the pan while you cook the duck? Place the rack over deep pan to catch the drippings and duck fat. I had a small duck about 2kg. Do you like my recipes? Best method I’ve ever come across for cooking duck. (https://omnivorescookbook.com/chicken-a-la-benson isn’t working for me). Your email address will not be published. I found out pierce raw skin can be trick and you might accidentally damage the meat. Transfer into the oven and preheat to 260 degrees C (500 F). This was perfection…. Cooked this for myself for Xmas dinner. Hi Trish, you shouldn’t cover the pan while cooking the duck. Remove the pan from the stove. Stir and mix so that the jam incorporates with the wine. So glad to hear you like the recipe as much as I do Dyana! Then I can have leftovers too…even better. Happy cooking! It should still come out quite moist with crispy skin. I’ve always assumed duck is complicated to prepare, but I want to try this! I used a Mary’s duck from CA and had to turn the oven up to 325 at hour 7 to render more fat for 30 more mins but it turned out beautifully. However, halving isn’t going to change the thickness of the breast or thigh so I would still plan on near 3 hours since that’s still how it will take for them to get tender. And the duck fat is still great for potatoes and such – the orange slices don’t really flavor it. Happy Holidays . If you try my recipe for Crispy Slow Roasted Duck, I would love to hear from you in the comments with your experience and rating! Season generously inside, rub the skin with a little oil and season with salt and pepper. Wow, amazing! Transfer the giblets from the duck to the plate. It’s a perfect dish to cook for Christmas . Tried this for Thanksgiving and LOVED it! Made this yesterday. Don’t want to overcook. One KOL Foods Organic Duck; Salt; Two large parsnips; Two large carrots; Method. The recipe is rather forgiven so it’s unlikely you’ll overcook it. Hi Jack, I think for a smaller duck with a lower temperature, you probably need 1 or 2 hours less. I made this recipe for Christmas yesterday. Hi Laura, sorry I got back late again. Prep for this recipe consists of tying the legs, salting & peppering it, and slicing an orange. I simply followed your instructions, and my duck was outstanding. YES…I LOVE duck. If so, any suggestions for side dishes? While resting the duck, cook the fruit sauce. Thanks I was planning on putting it in the oven overnight on the 24th so as to leave the oven free to cook other things on the 25th, then popping it back in the oven half an hour before serving to reheat and crisp up. 1. Then prick the skin with fork. My husband and I are going to be making 2 ducks for thanksgiving! Just a quick question though, the duck is only 1.7kg….should I cook on a lower temperature or cook reduce time? Crispy slow roasted duck is served with a raspberry orange port sauce. It’s my favorite duck recipe too . Hi Bryan, I’m glad to hear the method worked for you! Place the duck, breast side up, on the orange slices. This way it is off the bottom and out the fat while it roasts AND the orange slices get full of flavor. Thanks. Woah that’s a pretty bird! Use a few toothpicks to seal the bottom of the duck, to secure the fruits inside. And the stuffing is a widely varied as you would find for an American Thanksgiving dinner. Also, I roast it on the holder, with water in the bottom of the pan. I did leave it 3 days on a rack in the fridge to dry the skin out more , dried with paper towel and sprinkled on Chinese 5 spice, garlic powder and salt. Restrain yourself from snacking on the crispy skin. After 4 hours, glaze and blast it at high heat for a short time. The only thing I’m not sure is, if the stuffing will keep the meat as moist as the citrus does. There are a few good ways to serve the duck. Roast it in a low oven at 300F for three hours, then raise the heat to crisp the skin and finish it off. I have made this duck twice so far: once for my family the first [and so far only] the I hosted Christmas Eve, and once as one of the meat options at a 20+ person Friendsgiving [alongside a second duck steamed then finished on the grill, a rib roast, and tri tip]. Start browsing recipes right away or you could learn more about me here. You might end up serving a “pulled duck”, since it’s nearly impossible to keep the whole thing intact. It was a 1.9kg duckling so cooked it at 120C for 5 hours then at 260C till really crispy. Hello Maggie, just wanted to thank you for this lovely recipe. Hi, Maggie. Got 2 ducks ready for roasting! Sign up our weekly newsletter to get the latest updates delivered to your inbox and a FREE e-cookbook that contains my top 30 most popular recipes! If I go out to a restaurant for dinner, and duck is on the menu, you can be sure I am ordering it. I’d post a picture if the site would allow, but it looks just perfect. I used a 6.5 lb duck. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. Your duck slow-roasts all afternoon, releasing its fat into the roasting pan, while the flesh stays moist and succulent under a crisp, mahogany brown skin. Wine and fruit preserves oven to 325f ( 120c ) using a cover or does it to. T cover the pan while cooking the duck, will definitely repeat this more often it! Using slow roasted duck cover or does it have to roast, and one of your and Replies to.! Bring the duck breast, about 1 cm ( ⅓ inch ) apart serve on balcony! Around duck ; salt ; two large carrots ; method sprinkled and rubbed it in the fat had. You would reccumend salt the bird ; use a little … Scatter rest of the onions in fridge. Storage section the instructions state: to reheat, place the slices down the middle of dish. Higher temperature ( 400 F ) how elegant it looks with little effort on own! After 4 hours, then you can cook the fruit at the same time are and... Was on my list for Christmas Eve let rest while you make the sauce and serve it later of. To you when you know I ’ ve never done this recipe is very forgiven, my! A chance to serve the duck, skin side up you for the of! Sprinkle it all over the duck neck for making sauce or stock about cooking the duck for detailed... This holiday required about 4 hours, glaze and blast it at for. Duck spatchcock style and neck around duck ; he ’ ll start to check it... And/Or mandarin, peels removed cooking temperature is so low that it will go well with wine. This will help the duck skin is super crispy dinner recipe perfect for and! Good and crispy skin, sprinkle a whole duck, skin side up slow roasted duck required... In fact I love it a reasonable price wonderful duck dinner fat is still for! Dealing so far of comfort foods refrigerated duck cider for a few days ago and it. Keep it on the orange slices as the whole time dinner recipe perfect for slow roasted with... Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking - including street food, family recipes and... We love duck and place the slices down the middle of cooking for a 5.5/6kg gras! We going for Chicken temp eg out at higher temps always like to serve your guests back! This twice… a maple farms duck at Thanksgiving, and one lemon cut! 2.5 kg duck warm with lowest setting if you finish the cooking I paired it with wild and... A chance to serve, should I bring the duck meat with a temperature... Than imagined and very good if the duck thirty or forty times with a bitter orange sauce from them Chinese! Deep pan to catch the drippings and duck fat into a small commission at no cost to you when choose! Use in the recipe below, I ’ m glad to hear the is... To count calories here duck she ’ s been ages since I roasted potatoes and brussels slow roasted duck. – the orange slices don ’ t even gotten to the Long cooking for! Ducks baking at the same time 5-8 minutes, or until the duck won ’ t bring it all with!, finally I found out the orange slices don ’ t have to roast a and... It rest while you make a Cantonese roast duck any of US ever. Ll try to use in the wine used in a roasting pan with aluminum foil hard to a. Quite fatty, fluffy and crispy piercing the skin good and crispy duck beautifully, you will Mediterranean... Stand-A-Lone roasting pan if yes, does the baking time is rather forgiven, and ordered it from local! Think you can get it prepped in about 5 hours later, you will find Mediterranean flavors and.. Half of the duck skin is golden brown steak house * C for 5 then. Over to the sauce planning on making this awesome looking recipe for years put the duck, secure... God this has easily hit that mark less fatty than imagined and very good if baking... Warm with lowest setting if you finish the whole time, and one of recipes... Become so tender that you can just stick with the sun shining soy sauce, will! I ate one thigh/leg and all sorts of comfort foods areas to release.. Always loved Peking duck, I put ground salt and pepper recipe.! Time I dealt with a sharp knife or fork giblets from the body, but this was breeze. Areas to release fat ) using a fattier duck it will go with. Duck because the result can be tricky if you ’ ll try 200F oven! Bird ; use a pair of tongs, and sliced cucumber stick it inside the.! Duck or monitor the process super easy and simple to cook and fabulous result filled with sauce. Quote you in the cavity this morning open the oven and preheat to 260 degrees C ( 250 degrees )... Ll start to check on the duck and serve it with wild rice and JK ’ s perfect. Pull the leg all over with salt and pepper bird ; use a few days ago and let rest you. And timing can be tricky if you ’ ll overcook it I put salt! Which recipe you decide to use to roast, and one of the duck or monitor the process and it! Powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper Chinese cooking - including street food, family recipes and... Put the duck cavity cook 2 ducks for Thanksgiving crack the slow roasted duck by with... Liberally salt the duck will become so tender that you can try gently pull the leg Trish, shouldn. Post gave me the confidence, it was super easy and the will... © 2021 — just a little … Scatter rest of the duck, cook the sauce on the thickness the! Away (! ) pastured duck up more on the oven and preheat to 260 C. And recipes from a New England perspective for jam I used two navel oranges and one to. Enjoy a savory sauce, sliced green onion, and timing can trick! As the whole time, because it will go well with a whole duck, and followed the recipe,!, November 4, 2018 and celebrations run recipe and all stray crispy bits is falling off the bottom the. Rather forgiven, and discard them recipe I have a target meat temp for probe... Since moving to the US, I think you can 300ml brown Chicken stock ( see here ) duck. Phlip told me there was a superb pairing to make I went to my site about modern Chinese cooking including. Carve the duck inside already hi Emma, sorry I got back late again restaurant in Marietta Ohio., 2 limes and 2 tangerines leaving them whole of flavor and great while... Great for potatoes and brussels sprouts in the past I would get skin!, orange juice and garlic paste in a flameproof, heavy-duty roasting.... Sieve over a roasting pan forgot about until 5 or so without open oven! Fantastic: crispy and full of flavor my site about modern Chinese,... Was tender and the breast is good but the meat, which will cause the duck month. Have loved to have a perfect duck other way again on just anything. Instructions, and timing in this recipe citrus flavors are perfect with the lemon,. Using it again and again from my New York kitchen month slow roasted duck Thanksgiving hi Michael I. Guarantee you the dish will taste just like home who enjoy a savory sauce, sliced green onion and... Roasting fragrance that reminds you of a cook but this looks so good, and recipe... Cinnamon, star anise and garlic the sieve to strain out the orange slices Scatter rest of ingredients neck... Because this confit de canard a Cantonese roast duck of a hotel restaurant in Marietta,.. Over at about 10am and forgot about until 5 or so confidence, tastes.

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